The Spider And The Silkworm

The Spider and the Silkworm 1 - The Spider And The Silkworm

He that is employed in works of use generally advantages himself or others, while he who toils alone for fame must often expect to lose his labour. How vainly we promise ourselves that our flimsy productions will be rewarded with immortal honour!

A spider busied in spreading his web from one side of a room to the other was asked by an industrious Silkworm to what end he spent so much time and labour in making such a number of lines and circles.

The Spider angrily replied,

“Do not disturb me thou ignorant thing: I transmit my ingenuity to posterity, and fame is the object of my wishes.”

Just as he had spoken, a chambermaid, coming into the room to feed her Silkworms, saw the Spider at his work,

and with one stroke of her broom swept him away and destroyed at once his labours and his hope of fame.