The Frogs Desiring A King

The Frogs Desiring a King 1 - The Frogs Desiring A King

The frogs, living an easy, free sort of life,

Without any trouble, or turmoil, or strife,

Thought it would be fine, a most excellent thing,

If Jupiter only would send them a king.

Jove, being at that time in a merry mood,

Threw them a log, saying: “Now, don’t treat him rude!”

Alarmed by the splash in the pond which it made,

The frogs of their king were at first much afraid.

His stillness inviting, one, more bold than the rest,

Jumped very squarely upon the king’s breast.

All then, seeing that no harm came to that frog,

Soon sat all around on the top of the log.

Then, growing weary of so stupid a king,

Asked Jove for them a better monarch to bring.

This time he sent them a most ravenous stork,

As fine a fighter as ever came from Cork.

He gobbled them up and he tossed them about,

Till again to Jove they all set up a shout.

“In mercy, O Jove! We thee humbly implore;

Again our first happy state to us restore.”

Jove answered: “Nay, you must keep what I have sent.

Learn from this, with well enough to be content.”

Later in life, people must sometimes atone,
For simply not letting well enough alone.