The Fox And The Goat

The Fox and the Goat 1 - The Fox And The Goat

A Fox had fallen into a well and had been casting about for a long time how he should get out again when at length a Goat came to the place and, wanting to drink, asked Reynard whether the water was good and if there was plenty of it.

The Fox, dissembling the real danger of his case, replied, “Come down, my friend; the water is so good that I cannot drink enough of it and so abundant that it cannot be exhausted.”

Upon this the Goat without any more ado leaped in; when the Fox, taking advantage of his friend’s horns, as nimbly leaped out and coolly remarked to the poor deluded Goat, “If you had half as much brains as you have beard, you would have looked before you leaped!”