The Belly And The Members

The Belly and the Members 1 - The Belly And The Members

In former days, when all a man’s limbs did not work together as amicably as they do now, but each had a will and way of its own,

The Members generally began to find fault with the Belly for spending an idle, luxurious life, while they were wholly occupied in labouring for its support, and ministering to its wants and pleasures; so they entered into a conspiracy to cut off its supplies for the future.

The Hands were no longer to carry food to the Mouth, nor the Mouth to receive the food, nor the Teeth to chew it.

They had not long persisted in this course of starving the Belly into subjection, ere they all began, one by one, to fail and flag, and the whole body to pine away.

Then the Members were convinced that the Belly also, cumbersome and useless as it seemed, had an important function of its own; that they could no more do without it than it could do without them; and that if they would have the constitution of the body in a healthy state, they must work together, each in his proper sphere, for the common good of all.