Sven and Ole – Humor

Sven and Ole Humor 1 - Sven and Ole - Humor

Ole and Sven go out squirrel hunting one afternoon.

Ole needs to toss a whizz so he steps behind a tree to take care of business.

All the sudden Sven hears a bone-chilling cry.

He checks on his best friend Ole and there he is, lying on the ground.

“Sven, a rattlesnake just bit me in the pecker! Please go get the doctor; I don’t want to die!”

“Hold on buddy!” and Sven runs all the way back to the truck and flies the 10 miles to the hospital and runs up the stairs to find the doctor.

“Doctor! My best friend Ole just got bit by a rattlesnake! You need to come to save him!”

“I’m sorry,” says the doctor “I have heart surgery in 5 minutes.”

“What am I going to do?” exclaimed Sven.

“He’s my best friend!”

“It’s easy,” says the doctor, as he’s gowning up

“just cut a small x in the fang marks and suck the poison out.”

“Ok!” says Sven and he flies out the hospital and speeds back to the forest and runs back into the woods to find Ole.

As he approaches he hears his friends tiny voice call out.

“Sven? Is that you? What did the doctor say?”

“Ole” Sven pants as he’s gasping for air,

” Doctors says to make you comfortable ’cause you’re gonna die!”