Shiny Stone at Beach

Shiny Stone at Beach 1 - Shiny Stone at Beach

Once a lady was walking on the sand at the beach. With a sea wave, a shiny stone came toward that lady foot.

She picked up that shiny looking stone and quietly kept that in her purse and continued on her way.

A man who was standing nearby was watching all this. He thought something and started to walk toward that lady. Then he stood in front of her and said, “I haven’t eaten anything for two days, can you help me?”

Lady immediately opened her purse and started looking for something to eat to give to that man.

While looking for something to eat, she took out things one after other and among them was shiny stone she picked from beach. As soon as she took that shiny stone in her hand, she saw gaze of that old man.

She understood the whole story and She took some food from her bag and with that she took that shiny stone in her hand and gave both things to old man.

Old man quickly took that stone and checked. It was diamond. He was stunned and thinking, “How can someone give such valuable thing so easily?”

Old man questioned that lady, “Don’t you know that it is diamond?”

Woman smiled and replied, “I know. I am sure it a diamond.”

After this, she turned back and proceeded on her way back.

Old man went behind that lady and question, “Then why did you give it to me?”

Lady replied, “Because my happiness is not in that diamond but in me. Like waves of sea, wealth and fame come and go. If you connect your happiness to them, then you can never be truly happy.”

At that moment old man returned that diamond to lady and said, “You keep this diamond but give me the precious way of thinking which made it so easy for you to give me this diamond so easily..!”

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