Reason to Stay Calm!!

Reason to Stay Calm - Reason to Stay Calm!!

Husband said to his wife – I am going out with my friends.

She replied – Ok.

After a while, son said – Mother, i got my results for mock exams and it’s not good.

Son expected to get a scolding from his mother but to his surprise, his mother calmly said – Ok. If you work hard you will be able to do good and if not you have to repeat semester. It’s up to you.

Next day, her daughter came to her and hesitatingly said – Mother, I smashed car.

Daughter was scared that mother would get angry but to her surprise, she said – Ok. take it to car shop and get it fixed.

Person was usually irritated and grumpy, was now suddenly changed. Seeing such reactions, everyone got worried and thought if something was wrong.

Everyone came to her and asked, “Is something wrong? Why are you acting so calm?”

She smiled and replied, “It took me a long time to realize that, each person is responsible for their own life. I realized that my anguish, worrying, anxiety, stress… doesn’t solve your problems but aggravates mine.

I realized that i can only give you advice if you ask but it depends on you to follow or not. Whatever decision you take, its consequences good or bad, you will have to live with them. I am not responsible for actions of anyone.

I realized that i can only control myself.  My job is to care for you, love you, encourage you but after that it all depends on you to solve you problems and find your own happiness.

Therefore, I should remain calm and let each of you solve your problems yourself.”

Everyone at home was speechless.

From that day on, the family began to function better because everyone in the house knew exactly what it is that they needed to do!

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