Rabbi Reply..!

Rabbi Reply - Rabbi Reply..!

Story 1: Rabbi’s Idea to Answer..!!

A rabbi spend his all life teaching his disciples that we should look for answers with in ourselves yet his congregation would consult about everything they did. So one day rabbi had an idea so that no one will come to him for everything.

He placed a notice on door of his room saying, “Answer to questions – 100 coins per answer.”

Once a day disciple decided to pay 100 coins to him.

Disciple gave money to him and said, “Don’t you think that a lot to charge for a question??”

Rabbi replied, “Yes. I do think it’s lot to charge. Now i have answered your one question and if you want to know anything else then you have to pay 100 coins again or you can look for answers within yourself which is far more cheaper option for getting answers.”

From then on.. No one bothered him..


Story 2: Challenge Helps to Grow..!!

Once there was a rabbi who was adored by everyone in his community except for one person.

That person would never miss any opportunity to contradict rabbi’s interpretations and find error in his teaching. Everyone in his community was unhappy with his behavior of contradicting rabbi but could do nothing.

One day that person died. During his funeral, community noticed that rabbi was very sad.

Someone asked rabbi, “Why are you so sad?? He always confronted you and found faults in everything you did and said.”
Rabbi replied, “I am not sad for my friend who is not in heaven. I am sad for myself. He was only one who challenged me and because of him i was forced to improve and grow. Now he is gone, i am afraid i might stop growing.”


We should not Hate or get Disgusted by people who Contradict us or Challenge us because they Help us to Grow and become Better.

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