Monk Offer to Sailor

Monk Offer to Sailor - Monk Offer to Sailor

Everyday a sailor used to take a monk from one side of river to another side. He would not take anything in return.

Sailor was not well educated but there was no lack of understanding.

On way, monk used to talk about his knowledge with sailor, sometimes telling him about omnipresence of God, sometimes he would recite verses of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita with meaning.

Sailor used to listen to him with great attention, would remember by heart, all words said by monk.

One day after crossing river, monk invited sailor to his hut and giving some money to him, he said, “Earlier, i was a businessman and had earned a lot of money but i was not able to save my family from a disaster. Now this money is of no use to me. You take it, your life will become better and your family will be able to live comfortable life using this money.”

Sailor refused to take money saying, “I cannot take this money. Free money will spoil my behavior as soon as it enter my house. No one will work hard, lazy life will increase greed and sin.

Beside, why should i worry when i know i am in his (God) sight. I know i should just do my work and leave rest to him.

This conversation ended but this leaves us with a question… Who was monk among these two..?

One who wore saffron, persuaded path to becoming a monk, when sorrow came. Studied religious texts, memorized and even came in a condition to be understood, still couldn’t give up the love of wealth, kept looking for a deserving person.

Or poor sailor, who wasn’t sure of having enough money at end of day to buy food and yet there was no desire for wealth. He came to remain detached even after being engrossed in the world, did not wear saffron but had complete faith in God.

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