Man Question about Atonement

Man Question about Atonement - Man Question about Atonement

One day a saint was saying in a discourse, “If you wants to get rid for sins they have committed then you should Pledge to atone for the sins you have committed in past and not to commit any sin in future.”

When discourse was completed, everyone left except for one person. That man hesitantly went near saint and asked, “Guru ji, i am curious about one thing. can i ask?”

Saint replied, “Sure.”

Man asked, “How can one get rid of sins by atoning?”

Listening to this, saint asked him to come next day.

Next day, man came to saint. Saint took him to a river bank, where a pit was filled with water which was rotting and stinking. There were insects crawling inside that water.

Saint pointed toward that pit and asked to that man, “Do you see this water? Tell me why is it rotting and stinking?”

Man replied, “Guru ji, It is rotting and stinking because water stopped at one place and due to stoppage of flow of water,it became stagnant.”

At this saint said, “Sins are like this rotten water, when they accumulate, they bring pain to person.

But if it rains, then that rain water will drain away that rotten water from the pit and fill it with clean water. Similarly, Atonement makes one mind pure and destroys one’s sin.

This makes the mind auspicious and ready for good works. Once there is a change in mind, then person would never repeats his mistakes ahead.

Hence atonement cleans a person both past and future.”

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