Man in Trench Coat

Man in Trench Coat - Man in Trench Coat

Once young girl was traveling by train at night. Across here two old men were sitting and an old woman was sitting between them.

Whole time, old woman was staring at girl in weird way. When train stopped at next station, a man wearing trench coat stepped in and sat next to her.

Young girl still felt that old woman was staring at her while old men seemed least bothered about it.

Young girl was feeling uncomfortable not only because of old woman but also man who came and sat near her.

When train halted at next top, man in trench coat grabbed the girl and pushed her out of train, on station.

Because of this girl began to scream. Just then man said, “I am sorry for doing this but i just saved your life, as old woman was dead and two old men were propping her up.”

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