I’m Giving Up – Humor

Im Giving Up - I'm Giving Up - Humor

A magician is working on a Cruise Ship…

With him, he has a parrot to spice up his routine.

Sadly, the parrot has the habit of ruining his show.

Whenever the magician makes something disappear,

the parrot announces:

“Saw it! You palmed it and hid it up to your sleeve!”

When he does a card trick, the parrot says:

“Saw it! Every card in that decks the same!”

He does this every routine, much to the magician’s dismay.

After a week of this, the cruise ship hits an iceberg and begins to sink.

In the ensuing chaos, the magician manages to save his belongings and the parrot but ends up alone with his bird in a lifeboat.

For the first time, the parrot is completely silent.

Two days later, the bird says:

“Alright, I give up. Wheres the ship?”