Ghost Car – Humor

Ghost Car 1 - Ghost Car - Humor

One dark foggy night, I was walking alone on a narrow country road when out of the fog appeared a small car moving very slowly and with no sound!

I jumped to the side of the road but as it drew level, it stopped!

Through the windows I could see no one, no driver, nothing.

I looked closer and then opened the passenger door and braced myself to climb in.

Immediately the car started to move again, just as slowly!

I froze, kneeling on the seat clutching its back.

Moments later the car stopped and I almost fell out.

As I scrambled to my feet, the ghostly, shambling figure of a man drifted towards me out of the fog and I screamed out:

“Oh, God, there’s something wrong about this car!”

The shadowy figure stopped. It gasped, and then a voice croaked:

“I know, I’ve been pushing it for half a mile!”