Friend’s Gift and Help..!

Friends Gift and Help 1 - Friend’s Gift and Help..!

Once a man went to visit his friend. His friend was good host, He welcomed him and treated him really well.

Man spent a few days visiting with his friend and when it was time for him to go, his friend said, “I have an extra horse. Why don’t you take the horse as a gift from me.”

Man replied, “You are very generous but I couldn’t take a horse from you as a gift. That will be too much. I don’t mind walking back.”

Friend said, “No, no it’s your horse now. Take your horse. It’s a gift, take it.”

Man thanked his friend and gratefully mounted the horse and rode away. Ten days later, he came back to his friend house.

Friend was happy to see him back and welcomed him. Friend got worried and asked him, “What happened? Why are you back so soon?”

Man replied, “I don’t know what happened. I was on my way and everything was going fine then all of sudden, horse turned around and started heading back here. I tried everything but no matter what i did, horse wouldn’t listen. He just came right back to your house.”

Friend understood what happened and said, “I understand, this horse was born and raised here. This place is all he knows. He is attached to it. With little training he would learn to listen to you.”

So man stayed at his friends house for few more days and tried to train the horse to listen to him.

Man left again and thanked his friend for his gift and help. But then again, after ten days, man was back with horse.

Friend said, “Welcome again my friend. It’s look like you didn’t get that far. What happened this time?”

Man replied, “Same thing as last time. I passed two towns but as i entered third town, horse just stopped. He turned around. I tried to stop him. I kicked him, yelled at him but horse simply wouldn’t listen. Horse headed right back to your house and didn’t even stop until we reached.”

Friend realized what needed to happen and said, “I think we need to give horse a proper training with you then he will listen to you. After training you can have him take you anywhere you like.”

So for whole next month, friend helped man to train his horse. After month ended, man left once again.

Friend and his wife bid farewell to him.

After he left, wife asked, “You were overly kind to this fellow. First you gave him a horse and then he came back twice. We hosted him and gave him everything and even helped him train horse for whole month. Did we really have to do all that for him? Wasn’t giving him horse was enough?”

He replied to his wife, “Everyone likes to get gifts. It’s very good to get a gift from someone but what if someone doesn’t know how to use it? What is use of the gift? Person may need some help and maybe even some training to make gift useful. Who do you think should give that training?”

Similarly, God has given all of us a Great Gift. It is the Gift of our own Mind. We can use our Mind to do everything Good in our lives but Sometimes we don’t know how to use our own Mind and so it gets us in to Trouble.

That is why God sends Holy people to Train us how to use our Mind. Once we train our Minds, we don’t ever have to be Unhappy again. Our Lives become filled with Happiness.

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