Farmer Orchard and Thief Excuse

Farmer Orchard and Thief Excuse 1 - Farmer Orchard and Thief Excuse

Once a farmer had a big orchard around his house. He had many fruit trees in his orchard and used to take care of them diligently throughout the year. He would share ripe fruits with his family and friends and would sell rest in market.

One day, when farmer was in his orchard, picking fruits with his son, he saw that a stranger was sitting on a tree branch in his orchard and plucking and eating fruits.

Seeing him, farmer got angry and shouted, “Who are you? What are you doing on my orchard? Aren’t you ashamed that you are stealing fruits?”

Stranger sitting on branch didn’t answer farmer and kept on plucking fruits.

Farmer got angry and said, “I have taken care of these trees throughout year, you have no right to take fruits without my permission. Come down right now..”

Stranger sitting on tree replied, “Why should i come down? This is God’s garden and i am God’s servant, i have every right to take fruits from this tree. You should not come in between God’s work and his servant.”

Listening to this, farmer asked his son to go inside and bring a stick. When son came back with stick, farmer took that and started hitting stranger with that stick.

Stranger started shouting, “Why are you hitting me? You have no right to so do.”

Farmer didn’t paid any heed and kept hitting him continuously.

Stranger again shouted, “Are you not afraid of God? You are hitting an innocent person. You will be punished.”

Farmer smiled and replied, “Why should i be afraid? This stick in my hand belongs to God as well. I am also servant of God, so i need not to fear anything and you should not speak between God’s work and his servant.”

Stranger got silent after hearing this and realized his mistake.

He came down from tree and said, “Wait, don’t hit me. Forgive me for stealing your fruits. This is your garden, i understand now that you worked whole year to take care of these trees, therefore i should have taken your permission to pluck fruit. I was wrong. I will not do this ever again. Please forgive me.”

Farmer replied, “Since you realized your mistake, i will let you go but remember you should not try to make fool of others in God’s name. You should never do wrong in name of God.”


One should not use God’s name for their selfish motive or use God’s name as an excuse for their wrong doing.

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