Cost of Repair!

Cost of Repair - Cost of Repair!

Once a giant ship’s engine broke down. No one from company could repair it. So, company owner hired a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience, to check and repair it.

Engineer came and inspected engine very carefully, from top to bottom.

After checking, he unloaded his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He knocked something gently on engine surface and soon engine was fixed.

Company owner was also present there, he was surprised to see this.

After work was done, engineer gave the bill of repairing engine to ship company owner. When owner saw the bill he was shocked.

Bill was – 20,000$

Owner asked, “Why is it so much? You did nothing much. Give us detailed bill…”

Engineer came back with new bill and gave it to company owner. Owner opened bill..

Bill was – Detail – Tap with a hammer : 2$, Know where to know and how much to know : 19,998$.

(With a note written at end of bill)

Note: If i do a job in 30 minutes, it’s because i spent 20 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for years not the minute..


We should Learn to Appreciate one’s Expertise and Experience because those are Result of Struggles, Experiments and Hard work.

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